Validating cable test jig

Nice book by the way, but I must disagree with your Stonehenge/ Giza theory, its the old 'if you draw enough lines you can see anything' trick in my book.

But well done to bring out the discussion on the truth anyway. Hi Paul, I'm very sorry to hear about your unfortunate run-in with the New Zealand education system, who labeled you as an "illegitimate Prisoner of Mother England"...

- We were asked to write what we knew of early NZ colonial history, and being an avid reader since a very early age I had studied the subject avidly before we emigrated in ' 74.

Other standards that we regularly meet or exceed include NIST, IPC, and Ro HS, among many others.

Magna Closures Testing Laboratory (formerly Closures Technical Center) started as a laboratory for our Dortec division in 1985 to test door latches.

This includes In -Circuit Tests (ICT), Flying Probe Tests (FPT), and Functional Tests (FT). We can develop customized interfaces to meet your cable and harness configuration.

Our Cirris cable test systems allow automated testing of simple to complex harnesses.


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