Ghana and fraud usind dating services

He sent her poetry and page after page of emails professing his love.

People use email scams, dating websites and hacking software to tap into bank accounts.

“I just thought my prayers are being answered," she told VOA.

The relationship quickly intensified, and Schuster fell hard, emailing multiple times each day.

These images or videos are then used by the criminals to blackmail the victim into handing over money.“We are dealing with people who become victims as a result of doing nothing more than look for a relationship and, after believing stories they’ve been told, have parted with large amounts of their hard-earned money.” Please note: No further details about these cases and the victims are being issued by the police in order to protect the victims’ anonymity If you are a victim of romance fraud, or suspect you are dealing with a fraudster, report it to Action Fraud, the UK’s national fraud reporting centre by calling 03 or by visiting not nice having to report such things, but by doing so you will be helping the police catch the offenders and saving others from falling into the same traps.

If you’ve ever received an email request for your bank information from someone who claims to have inherited a million estate and wants to share it with you, it’s likely that email originated from West Africa.


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