Dating voyance

They also belong to the type of women whom we call “hot women”; similarly, there are also absolutely gorgeous women who are NOT approached that often and thus don’t have the typical “hot women” mentality, e.g.

they exist in small towns and societies where approaching doesn’t take place very often.

Then, the more they think so, the stronger their rapport grows.

This is because they have assumed rapport non-verbally between them, and further actions are congruent with this assumption.

It’s a popular belief that you should never give IOI to a woman before she gives it to you, and many men abide by it 100%. IOI without a woman’s precedent IOI) really a bad idea? The reason why IOI doesn’t work for most pretty women is that they receive it all the time. then IOI is in fact a BAIT that would lead to a positive response.

In many cases, IOI can often make it easier to generate attraction.

In fact, the lack or DISCONTINUATION of reward is considered as punishment.

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However, avoid over-doing this and come across as arrogant.

When that happens, things just simply “feel right” and the woman is influenced on a subconscious level.

In fact, you should not only assume rapport but also ATTRACTION.

If you approach or interact with a hot woman the same way that other men do (which is most likely what social conditioning has taught us on TV, movies, novels, etc.), you’re gonna get the results as the majority of them.

Think about it — why would beautiful women go for a guy who can be easily replaced by a bunch of others?


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