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After April 14, 2016, pre-applications will only be accepted on Tuesdays during the hours above.

The following documentation is required when submitting the pre-application: Original certified birth certificate, Social Security Card, and income verification for all members of the household; and photo ID for all adult (18 ) members of the household.

My buttplate is the flat milled style, but obviously G. my son had this bought to have built into a Springfield 03a3 match build. With a CMP stock, this rifle is outstanding for the price. Feels really nice having a piece of history in my home and not in a museum...

Perfect kit for my RA barrel and later WWII receiver I got from Aim Surplus last winter. I'm going to mount this in the Sarco C-stock, as I don't wish to spend the 0 on a G. Get a container, a brush, and some diesel fuel as everything is packed in heavy cosmolene. Overall, a great kit to use and very happy with my purchase.

Very pleased with overall quality, one rusted part but not a problem.

We collect and distribute all money owed to the Court.

Overall you get more than what you pay for; more things are NOS and basically new or lightly used. I ordered this product for a project rifle that I am working on.

I have never purchased any products from this company before, but it was a very straightforward proposition.

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