Dating a dj updating db5

And last night she once again looked killer in this eye-catching dress by Missoni.

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The British RIP singer, 26, made a low-key exit from from the club, masking her face as the American producer, 38, stood a few paces behind her.

You are never as important as their gear or records. Working DJs either develop skinny fat guy syndrome, slight variations of man boobs or pale pipe cleaner body.

Sorry ladies, but chances are he's thinking more about his music collection than you most of the time and other chicks. They will almost never have muscles of any sort and it will only get worse.

When Brad Paisley says “you made a mistake,” as a country radio station, you made a HUGE mistake.

As VIBE laid out ’50 Reasons Not To Date A Rapper’ last week, dating a DJ is something that needs to be addressed as well.


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