Consolidating federal school loan

Direct Loans includes four components: Direct Loans, Direct Unsubsidized Loans, Direct PLUS Loans, and Direct Consolidation Loans.

Are you tired of managing multiple federal student loan payments with multiple interest rates or multiple servicers? The online application should then only take you about 30 minutes to complete.

Borrowers can consolidate once they complete school, leave school or fall below half-time student status.

Before considering a Direct Consolidation Loan, it is important to consider any benefits associated with the original loans, such as interest rate discounts and rebates.

The Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program (AKA “PSLF”) offers Federal Student Loan Forgiveness for public service work, meaning that it allows you to wipe out your outstanding Federal Student Loan debt in exchange for working in a public service field (like teaching, nursing, Government positions, etc.).

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Please note: This loan program is no longer in effect.

It's a good idea to start shopping for a loan early in the process. It is possible to qualify for these loans on your, but more often the successful applicant will come in with a co-signer. School loan consolidation - Information on eligibility and rationale for consolidating (or not consolidating) your student loans.

CFDA Number: 84.268 Program Type: Loans Also Known As: Direct Loan program; Direct Loans.


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